The restored farmhouse dates back to the late 1780’s and is furnished with donated period pieces to give it a homey, lived-in feeling. The sampling of herbs and plants would have been hanging at arm’s length on the fireplace mantel to be used for spicing dinners or as soothing medicine for stomach aches or burns. The cast iron pots, cooking utensils and the iron hearth crane are set for cooking more dinners and the cabinets filled with pottery adding to the depiction of a colonial home equipped for making then enjoying dinner.

The Hearth Cooks

Len and Anna Heaney have been demonstrating open hearth cooking for 23 years. Prior to their association with Taylor Bray Farm, the Heaneys held colonial cooking demonstrations at the Bolton Mansion, a stone farmhouse dating back to 1687 located in Bucks County, PA. The couple have shared their knowledge of cooking and use of colonial plantings for both food and medicine with school children learning about Colonial America with Anna explaining the origins of some familiar expressions we use today. The Heaneys presentation captures the feel and look of a Colonial American kitchen in a comfortable way as Anna explains that there has to be a talker and a cooker; the cooker can’t talk and the talker can’t cook!

Len and Anna have participated in several of our Fall Festivals cooking outdoors. They were thrilled to be first to the use the hearth in our restored farmhouse!

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