In 1987, the prospect of losing the Farm to development prompted the Town of Yarmouth to purchase the property. The Taylor-Bray Farm Preservation Association was formed in 2001. It has since established a strong partnership with the Town of Yarmouth.

The mission of the non-profit Taylor-Bray Farm Preservation Association is to maintain Taylor-Bray Farm for historic preservation and conservation purposes.

The Association has done a significant amount of work maintaining the farm and making it attractive to visitors. The pastures have been restored and livestock barns rebuilt. Major repairs were made to the barn in partnership with the Town of Yarmouth and Cape Cod Regional Technical High School. In 2009, the Association worked with Americorps Cape Cod to build a 180-foot boardwalk into Black Flats Marsh and a handicap accessible raised bed for the community garden.

In August 2009 the Association began an archaeological project to expand our understanding of the lives of the people who have inhabited the area. Community Preservation grants, private donations and volunteer efforts make possible the preservation of a rare historic property as well as build pride in our town.

The farm has no paid employees; it is maintained and supported solely by volunteers. For more information about the farm and about how you can help, contact the Association.

The Taylor-Bray Farm Preservation Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


President: Marty Murphy 

Vice President:  

Treasurer: Bob Clark 

Clerk: Ralph Grant

Pat Tafra 

Tom Orton 

Bob (Eck) Eckerson 

Barry Magaliff 



Archaeology: Jack Duggan 




Grounds & Livestock 

Nominating:  Ralph Grant & Bob Clark 

Publications & Graphics:  Pat Tafra 

Volunteers: Jean Seymour 

Web Site:  Ralph Grant 

Taylor-Bray Farm Preservation Association
P.O. Box 66 – 108 Bray Farm Road North, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675