Many people come to the farm to enjoy the serenity of a quit walk through the woods along the Don McIntyre Trail. Many more come to the farm for festivals bringing children or grandparents and grandchildren to take a hayride along the trail. If you are among those people, you know how pleasant that is. What you may not know is that taking that walk or hayride was made possible by the foresight and work of one man, Don McIntyre. But who was Don?

Don McIntyre
April 15, 1947 - April 21, 2018

A Festival Hayride with Farmer Don
A Festival Hayride with Farmer Don

Don McIntyre was a longtime resident of Taylor-Bray Farm. He and his wife Lynn were the farm’s long serving caretakers and founding members of the Taylor-Bray Farm Preservation Association. 

Don loved this farm on the edge of the marsh and he worked tirelessly to maintain the property for the enjoyment of visitors. It was Don’s idea to build a trail suitable for walkers and hayrides.  He dedicated considerable effort to clearing underbrush and saplings to make his vision come to fruition. Over the years, “Farmer Don” took thousands of visitors on old fashioned, tractor drawn hayrides during the farm association’s festivals celebrating the seasons at the farm.

To commemorate Don and his work, the Taylor-Bray Farm Preservation Association recommended and the Yarmouth Board of Selectmen unanimously approved that this wagon road, this pleasant loop through the woods, be named the “Don McIntyre Trail”.

Think of Don as you enjoy a walk or festival hayride.

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