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Taylor-Bray Farm Videos

The best way to experience Taylor-Bray Farm is, of course, to be there. Attend a sheep
or fall festival, volunteer for an archaeological dig, help at the weekend cleanup or just
stop by to visit the new lambs or take in a scenic view of the expansive Black Flats marsh
from the end of the boardwalk. But if you can't visit the farm, we can take you on a
time traveling trip to the farm's past via a new series of entertaining educational videos.

All the videos are available on the farm website under the Videos tab.

Check out a hearth cooking demo in the renovated late 18th century farmhouse..


Farm Talks by Craig Chartier:

Would you like to have an archaeological experience without kneeling in the dirt? Click on a
video link to hear archaeologist Craig Chartier talk about excavating the site of the original 17th
century Taylor homestead or learn how we date ancient prehistoric artifacts found at the farm.

The Taylor-Bray Farm
Archaeology Program
Native American Site
at Taylor-Bray Farm
The c1640 Taylor
Farmhouse site

Excavating the
"Jawbone" Test Pit

How Archaeological
Sites are Dated

The 19th Century
Taylor-Bray Barn
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We can bring videos to the website thanks to the Cape Cod Community
Media Center who provided us with equipment and editing assisstance.

For a birthday or other occasion at the farm, email us. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.
Read the latest edition of the farm's newsletter, Seasons at the Farm. (PDF document)

Student Oportunities at the Farm

Here is your chance to earn Community Credit at Taylor-Bray Farm. There are opportunities to work with the animals and help with maintenance. You can also help at farm festivals and assist with school and camp visits. For more information email Maureen Clark, the Farm Education Coordinator.

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